PHP BSV Captcha

Captchas are a contest of ever increasing complexity. They are an arms race between machine and human. The puzzles become more and more intricate over time in order to decipher the human... the effort requires time, and time is money. In the future, the captcha will simply be an economic measure. Pay a micro-cent to prove you are human... No more painful eye straining puzzles... No more neglecting the visually impaired. With BSV Captcha, we utilise moneybutton's intuitive UI, to create a captcha plugin for any PHP based website.

The pure PHP option was created as a result from feedback to the joomla plugin... Since not everyone uses Joomla, some wanted to use the idea on their site. So we provide the PHP code as-is. A basic framework of how this works, which can be extended.

Find the code here:

Now, anywhere that has a submission form on your site will come with a moneybutton based captcha.